Ali Reza Majlesi.
Ali Reza Majlesi.

Anslag: 4.9 miljoner

Projekttitel: Kulturellt informerade robotar i lärandeaktiviteter.

Forskningsledare: Olov Engwall, professor, KTH.

Biträdande projektledare: Ali Reza Majlesi, universitetslektor, Stockholms universitetet.

Projektmedlemmar: Iolanda Leite, biträdande lektor, KTH.
Olga Viberg, universitetslektor, KTH.

Projektbeskrivning: This project studies human–robot interaction (HRI) for learning from an intercultural education perspective, with the objective of promoting equality, inclusion and diversity in human learning with AI in encounters with migrant professionals. More specifically, the project has two main objectives: (a) to enhance the capabilities of a social robot to interact with learners of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and (b) to study how that robot can help educate learners for whom Swedish is a second language (L2). We intend to implement and evaluate a culturally informed robot for learning activities in vocational education.

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