The proofreaders are often PhD students that have English as their mother tongue and display a high level of competence in academic writing. The proofreading service is not intend for copyediting or detailed, critical, peer review. Rather, this service is meant to serve as a final check for language correction prior to having a text submitted for publication, to conferences, journals, etc.. 
If you wish to learn more, or if you wish to be put in contact with proofreaders that are currently active, please contact the Director of PhD Studies at the Department of Education. 

How to reserve a proofreader

To reserve time with a proofreader, please fill in the Request for Proofreading and Editing form below and e-mail it to the Director of Studies. Alternatively, you can request access to the Språkgranskning page on Athena. The Athena page provides further information about who the active proofreaders are, how to contact them directly and other helpful resources (including the Request for Proofreading and Editing form). 

Contact: Carina Carlhed Ydhag, email: