Aktuella publikationer

Katarina Lagercrantz All

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Ebba Christina Blåvarg

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Agnieszka Bron

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Klara Bolander Laksov

Bolander Laksov, K (2018). Att bedöma pedagogisk skicklighet – är det verkligen så svårt? – en studie av skillnader i bedömningar mellan vetenskapligt och pedagogiskt sakkunniga. Högre utbildning, 8(2). DOI: https://doi.org/10.23865/hu.v8.996

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Maria Calissendorff

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Carina Carlhed

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Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren

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Marianne Döös

Döös, M, Madestam, J, Wilhelmson, L, & Örnberg, Å (2018). The principle of singularity: A retrospective study of how and why the legislation process behind Sweden’s Education Act came to prohibit joint leadership for principals. Nordic Journal of Comparative and International Education, 2(2-3), 39-55. doi: http://doi.org/10.7577/njcie.2757

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Stefan Ekecrantz

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Lena Geijer

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Eva Insulander

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Anna-Lena Kempe 

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Janne Kontio

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Susanne Kreitz-Sandberg

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Joakim Landahl

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Eric Larsson

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Pär Larsson

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Stefan Lund

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Cormac McGrath

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Lázaro Moreno Herrera

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Paula Mählck

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Robert Ohlsson

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Ali Osman

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Helena Rehn

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Johanna Ringarp

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Max Scheja

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Eva Svärdemo Åberg

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Marianne Teräs

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Annika Ullman

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