Lisett, Mayra, Pedro, Conill, Mairen & Olivia (From the left)


On 26-30 november the Department of Education (IPD) is hosting a cooperation workshop between Stockholm University (IPD and Department of Special Education) and the universities of Pinar del Río and Havana, Cuba. Our guests are six researchers from the universities of Pinar del Río and Havana, Cuba all having leadership positions at department or faculty level. Several colleagues from IPD and the Department of Special Education are participating presenting research and education with the intention to identify areas of common interest for future cooperation. 

Some reflections after the worksop:

 - An intensive but very productive workshop comes to an end today, a new stage in our cooperation just starts!

 - We would like to thanks all colleagues who presented in the workshop session sharing knowledge and opening lines for further cooperation. Equally grateful to all colleagues behind the organization and administration of the workshop, very special to Christina Edelbring for great support with all practicalities!

Our guests from Cuba:

Lisett Daymaris Paez Cuba
Researcher and Vice-dean for research faculty of social sciences, University of Pinar del Rio

Pedro Luis Yturria Montenegro
Researcher and Vice-dean of research faculty of technical science, University of Pinar del Río (Includes vocational education & training)

Mayra Ordaz Hernandez
Researcher and Vice-head of the center for research in educational sciences, University of Pinar del Rio

Julio Antonio Conill Armenteros 
Researcher and Dean of the faculty of early childhood, special education and primary education, University of Pinar del Río

Olivia García Reyes 
Researcher and Head of the department of Special Need Education, University of Pinar del Rio

Marien Lledo Arias 
Researcher and vice-head of international affairs, Havana University