Nordplus (Nordiska ministerrådets program för samarbete och utbyte inom Norden och Baltikum) har beviljat finansiering för uppbyggnaden av ett nätverk mellan de högskolepedagogiska miljöerna vid Stockholms universitet, Helsingfors universitet och Syddansk universitet. I ett första skede (år 1) anslås 21 211 euro till projektet. 

Involverade från CeUL (Centrum för universitetslärarutbildning), vid Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik, Stockholms universitet: 
•    Klara Bolander Laksov, professor
•    Maria Öhrstedt, universitetslektor
•    Kayala Ismayilova, post-doc

Project summary

Nordic higher education institutions are constantly searching for effective tools to enhance and assure the quality of teaching and learning. Different QA systems are used but their effectiveness have been questioned. Often both the questionnaire and the process of using it have been developed by people working in the administration and with very little cooperation with the pedagogical experts. However, in order to have an effective QA both teaching and learning processes should be taken into account and relate the quality assurance activities to pedagogical leadership in the institution. The participating institutions are units focusing on university pedagogy in University of Helsinki (UH, coordinating), HAMK (Finland), University of Stockholm (SU) and University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and they all have expertise in both higher education pedagogy and QA in education. The aim of network PedaQA is to share the knowledge of how the participating institutions are using different tools for evaluation quality of teaching and learning in undergraduate education. These tools and the processes of using them will be shared and further developed using the expertise of the participating institutions. The overall goal is to gather best practices and guidelines for effective quality assurance including pedagogical leadership of higher education and share this knowledge to the wider audience for the benefit of quality assurance. Activities include face-to-face meetings, online meetings and planning of the online material (videos and webinars) to support QA based on higher education pedagogy. The aim is also to enlarge the network with other higher education institutions.


Klara Bolander Laksov. Foto: Privat

Klara Bolander Laksov, föreståndare för Centrum för Universitetslärarutbildning (CeUL), vid Stockholms Universitet.

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Maria Öhrstedt. Foto: Privat

Maria Öhrstedt, lektor i pedagogik.

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Khayala Ismayilova. Foto: Privat

Khayala Ismayilova, post doc.

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