Det var NOCIES (Nordic comparative and international education society) som fattade beslutet i samband med sin konferens den 10-11 oktober i Aula Magna. Maggie O'Neill gick Masterprogrammet i internationell och jämförande pedagogik i våras.

Här berättar hon om sin uppsats i samband med att hon tog emot priset:



Maggie O'Neill

"I use my thesis to call for change"

I sitt tacktal säger Maggie O'Neill:

- In my thesis I argue that the peace discourses created in World’s Largest Lesson creates a concept of peace that is dehistoricized, depoliticized and decontexualized. It creates a version of peace that privileges individuals and maintains the status quo.

- I use my thesis to call for change… for all of us to ask ourselves - what kind of world are we educating for? What connections are we making or not making? And who is really benefiting?

Läs Maggie O'Neills masteruppsats

Problematizing the Peace Discourse in World’s Largest Lesson: A critical exploration of knowledge production through discussions of violence.