Abstract: Academic writing skills are crucial when students, e.g., in teacher education programs, write their undergraduate theses. A multi-modal web-based and self-regulated learning resource on academic writing was developed, using texts, hypertext, moving images, podcasts and templates. A study, using surveys and a focus group, showed that students used the learning resource on numerous occasions, a resource reachable outside in-person mentor sessions. Students declared that the resources had been important for finishing their degree projects. Mentors highlighted structure, multidisciplinary overview and linking possibilities. Using digital learning resources supporting students' academic writing is doubtless a developmental area in higher education. 

Artikeln kan läsas här: http://www.tojet.net/articles/v15i1/1514.pdf

Eva Svärdemo Åberg och Ylva Ståhle är lektorer på Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik, Ingrid Engdahl, Barn och ungdomsvetenskapliga institutionen och Helen Knutes Nyqvist, Specialpedagogiska institutionen, vid Stockholms universitet.