Symposium: Does Swedish education prepare for cosmopolitan citizenship? Prospects and challenges for education in Sweden

In this symposium we will address whether and the extent to which education in Sweden, which is shaped by the interests of the Nation-state, the European Union and other transnational actors, such as the OECD, reflects cosmopolitan values, and whether it should do so in times where national education is increasingly challenged by economic globalization.

Date, venue and contact

Date: October 31, 2016
Venue: van der Nootska Palatset, Stockholm
Organizers: Klas Roth and Niclas Rönnström, Department of Education, Stockholm University, Sweden


You register yourself for the symposium to either Klas Roth ( or Niclas Rönnström ( before October 28, 2016.

Program October 31

Opening statement: Klas Roth and Niclas Rönnström

Title: Why Cosmopolitanism Needs Rethinking
Paper by: Marianna Papastephanou, Associate Professor, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Title: Educational Cosmopolitanism: A research Stance, an Institutional requirement and a performative attitude
Paper by: Niclas Rönnström, Assistant Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden

Title: To Learn to Live Educationally: Toward a thin moral cosmopolitanism through deliberative communication
Paper by: Tomas Englund, Professor Emeritus, Örebro University, Sweden

Lunch: 12.00-13.30

Title: Cosmopolitanism and the Pedagogy of Immediacy: Preparing teachers for the philosophical life of early childhood
Paper by: Viktor Johansson, Assistant Professor, Örebro University, and Post-doctoral Fellow, Dalarna University, Sweden

Coffee: 14.15-14.45

Title: Saying “we”: On Cosmopolitics: Teaching differences and the challenge of solidarity
Paper by: Claudia Schumann, Doctoral Student, Stockholm University, Sweden

Title: Critical Thinking or Moral Perfection as the Ultimate End of Education
Paper by: Klas Roth, Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden

Concluding discussion