This open international symposium gathers scholars working on the relationship between education and the formation of elites. Organized by the research group History of Education and Sociology of Education at the Department of Education, Stockholm University, this symposium sets out to establish clearer links between historical and sociological scholarship on elites and education.  


11.00–11.15 Petter Sandgren (Stockholm University): Introduction   

11.15–12.15 Adam Howard (Colby College) and Claire Maxwell (University of Copenhagen): ”Preparing Global Leaders for the Global South: Global Citizenship Education within Ghanaian, Taiwanese and Jordanian Elite Contexts" 


13.45–14.15 Karen Lillie (University College London): ”Challenging Assumptions about Transnational Class: The Continued Importance of the Nation-State” 

14.15–14.45 Daniel Lövheim (Stockholm University): ”Science Olympiads as Spaces for Elite Formation During the Cold War”


15.00–15.45 Max Persson (Uppsala University): ”Contested Ease: Challenging the Notion of Embodied Ease from a Situational Approach”

15.45–16.15 Eric Larsson (Stockholm University): ”The New Meritocrats: Upper Secondary Elite Schools, Merits, and Marketization” 


16.30–17.00 Sara Lindberg (Uppsala University): EU-Elite Formation: College of Europe and its Students  

17.00–17.30 Trygve Gulbrandsen (Institute for Social Research, Oslo): ”Elite Formation and Professionals”

17.30–18.00 Mikael Holmqvist (Stockholm University): Summary and discussion