Corrado Matta
Corrado Matta


A Field of Veiled Continuities. Studies in the methodology and theory of educational research (compilation thesis).


Professor Carl Martin Allwood, Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg.


Professor Ninni Wahlström, Institutionen för utbildningsvetenskap, Linnaeus University, Professor Lise Roll Pettersson, Department of Special Education, Stockholm University, and Associate Professor Carina Carlhed, Department of Education , Stockholm University. 

Huvudhandledare och ordförande

Professor Klas Roth, Department of Education, Stockholm University.


Associate Professor Anna-Lena Kempe, Department of Education, Stockholm University and Professor Till Grüne-Yanoff, Philosophy, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).


Empirical educational research enjoys a methodological and theoretical debate that is characterized by a number of unresolved and lively debated controversies. This compilation thesis is an attempt of contributing to this debate using the toolbox of philosophy of science.
The thesis consists of an introductory chapter and four essays. In the introductory chapter I identify three methodological and theoretical controversies that are discussed within the field of educational science. These are:

  • The controversy concerning the scientific status of educational research.
  • The controversy between cognitive and sociocultural theories of learning
  • The controversy between realist and constructionist theories of learning

I provide in the essays a critical assessment of the claims behind each of these controversies, and argue for an alternative reconstruction of these issues. In the introductory chapter I summarize the conclusions that are drawn in the papers and discuss how these conclusions can provide a theoretical and practical solution of the three aforementioned methodological and theoretical controversies.  

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Thesis title: A Field of Veiled Continuities.
Thesis title: A Field of Veiled Continuities.