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Information till anmälda deltagare

Till dig som anmält intresse att delta vid symposiet. Tyvärr har vi tvingats att skjuta upp symposiet till nästa år på grund av rådande omständigheter. Vi kommer att annonsera på nytt så snart vi har ett besked om när symposiet kan hållas.

Information to registered participants

To those of you who have registered an interest in participating in the symposium. Unfortunately, we have been forced to postpone the symposium until next year due to current circumstances. We will reannounce the symposium as soon as we have information about when it can be held.

Symposium: Acknowledging Maria Montessori's 150-year anniversary - A research perspective of Montessori's legacy for the future

Program and föreläsare

Presentatör: Max Scheja, fil.dr, professor: Stockholms universitet

  • Philippine Courtier, fil.dr: Université Paris Descartes
    The impact of Montessori education on the cognitive, social and academic development of disadvantaged preschoolers.
  • Solange Denervaud, fil.dr: Université de Genève
    Error monitoring during learning: Neural and behavioral comparison studies of Montessori and traditionally-schooled students
  • Jarek Jendza, fil.dr: University of Gdansk
    A research methodology as an ideology - towards understanding Montessori education through empirical projects' meta-analysis
  • Eva-Maria Tebano Ahlquist, fil.dr och Per Gynther, fil.dr: Stockholms universitet
    Montessori didactics and Variation theory
  • Christine Quarfood, fil.dr, professor: Göteborgs universitet 
    Montessori: A public intellectual of the Inter-War Era      


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In English

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Foto: Stockholms universitet
Foto: Stockholms universitet