Victor Johansson. Foto: Privat

Victor Johansson: I'm a PhD student under the national research school “Schooling in perspective: A graduate school in applied history of education”. My PhD project explores the Swedish "pupils movement" from a historical perspective, i.e. pupils self organizing into unions, associations, clubs, networks and other communities active on upper secondary schools. Specifically the project will focus on pupil organization as an intersection of school and civil society. One aim is to liberate the pupils movement from being considered merely a part of schools infrastructure for "pupils influence over their education" by studying it as an autonomus actor. 

I have my background working within various swedish nonprofits which has sparked a research interest in civil society in its broader sense. I have a double Bachelor degrees in Sociology and Educational Science, and a Masters Degree in Sociology from University of Gothenburg. In my masters thesis I studied historical transformations of how swedish nonprofits have communicated to affiliate volunteers. Generally in my studies, I've focused on neoliberalism, neoliberal governance, and marxist theory. I'm glad to be a part of the research environment here at Stockholm University. 

Supervisors: Daniel Lövheim, Joakim Landahl, Rebecca Ye