Mandatory Courses


Mandatory courses in Education offered in English from 2017-2020.
Courses are offered to students admitted to PhD-studies. Priority is given to PhD-students at the Dept of Education. Other PhD-students are very welcome to participate if seats are available.

Ethics in Educational Research, 7,5 ECTS Spring 2018, Spring 2020. Six, campus-based, all-day seminars during the entire spring term.
Research Seminars and Conference Participation - An introduction to the research society, 7.5 ECTS Runs continously. Doctoral students will attend seminars and present papers intended for conferences and give conference presentations.
The Researcher in Society, 7.5 ECTS Runs continously as a series of workshops.
Academic Literacy, 7.5 ECTS Divided into three parts during three semesters: 1. Academic literacy, retoric and genres, 3 ECTS, campus-based seminars. 2. How do I get published? 1,5 ECTS and 3. The publication strategy, 3 ECTS. Next course start autumn 2018.
Theories and Methodologies, 7.5 ECTS Spring 2019. Six, campus-based, all-day seminars during the entire spring term.
Research Traditions and Theoretical Perspectives, 15 ECTS Autumn 2019. Twelve campus-based, all-day seminars during the entire autumn term.

Optional Courses

Hypothesis, Action and Design, 7.5 ECTS Spring 2018, 2020.
Digitala redskap i analyser av pedagogiska och didaktiska fenomen, 7,5 hp Kursen ges på svenska vt 2018
Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Educational Research, 7.5 ECTS

Autumn 2018, 2020.


Text och narrativ i analoga och digitala källor, 7,5 hp Kursen ges på svenska vt 2019.
Policy, Discourse and Comparison, 7.5 hp Autumn 2019
Pedagogik och lärprocesser i det civila samhället och Folkbildningen, 7,5 hp Kursen ges på svenska vt 2019



The application to the mandatory courses is submitted on-line. Please find information at each course site.

Advanced Level Courses

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