The research we are engaged in include both theoretical and empirical study of students’ and teachers’ learning, academic practices and the study of organizational conditions for and processes in higher education. Central themes in our research concern learning processes in differed educational contexts, but also conditions for educational and academic development, with a specific interest in educational leadership, organization of teaching strategies and their impllications for student learning in higher education.

Research fellows

The researchers of the HELP group are strongly dedicated to developing new researchers in this vital and growing field of study, through supervision of PhD and Master students as well as through collaborations with academics from other fields. As affiliated to our group you are given a research environment that is closely linked also to the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching and Learning (CeUL). The level of supervision and breadth of interdisciplinary and interprofessional interactions develops scholars who are well prepared to engage in different higher educational practices, to collaborate with diverse set of research colleagues, and to train the next generation of researchers into this field. 


Applications of PhDs are normally due in February as part of the department of Education’s annual call for PhD students. If you already have funding for a PhD/post doc or project, you may contact us any time. Those applicants also applying for Currie or Visby Fellowship should contact respective institution (the prospective supervisor and the institution) at an early stage of writing an application.

To apply or for more information please review the Department of Education PhD application pages