Research area

Internationally and within our group researchers are working with a variety of research questions. On the societal level, it may involve training systems – both historical and future development. At the institutional level, for instance, our questions concern how vocational education has been and is organized and designed in different contexts. At classroom level, attention is given to analysis and design of processes for teaching, learning, and assessment in a variety of environments. VET covers a wide range of contents, different professional fields and diverse traditions of knowledge. The VET/YL research group at Stockholm University considers collaboration between researchers from different areas a prerequisite for the development of knowledge in the VET-field. Core research problems in this field are characterized by interdependence and intersectionality, which demand interdisciplinary work. Issues of harmonization of education, transparency and mobility within the European political arena, are also focus of our research attention; this often in relation with economic growth and overall social welfare. Further, there is a tradition of interest in VET in a global world within the group.

In Sweden, in addition to outcomes from educational research, the findings from other fields like economic history, linguistics, sociology, political science, technology and work science contributed meaningfully to the VET field. More recently, questions have been raised about the general and specific competencies for different occupations, how and in what context these competencies are learnt is just an example of our research interest. Likewise, there is research within this group that focus on questions about assessment of learning in different environments. Two Swedish national graduate schools on vocational pedagogy are hosted by Stockholm University and closely connected to the activities of VET/YL research group.

VET/YL research group is expected to contribute both to a research-based professional teacher training and to the development of vocational training for youngsters and adults, regardless of whether the training is carried out in school or at the workplace.

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Members of the Research Area

Lázaro Moreno Herrera, Professor (Scientific leader) 
Marianne Teräs, Professor​ (Scientific leader)
Petros Gougoulakis, Associate Professor
Ali Osman, Associate Professor
Katarina Lagercrantz All, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Maud Baumgarten, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Åsa Broberg, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Eva Eliasson, Senior Lecturer, PhD (Coordinator Teacher program for VET)
Janne Kontio, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Helena Rehn, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Rebecca Ye, Senior Lecturer, PhD 
Mikael Persson,  Senior Lecturer, PhD
Ruhi Tyson, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Jan Pettersson, Lecturer


Sofia Antera
Carles Fuster Sansalvador

Post doktoral forskare  

Manos Pavlakis, fil.dr


Gunilla Berg Christofersson, Lic
Maria Christidis, PhD
Camilla Gåfvels, PhD
Eva Klope, PhD
Pia Lindström, Lic
Enni Paul, PhD
Maria Terning, PhD

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