The research group Philosophical and Critical Studies in Education generates knowledge about transformative process that effect institutions and people through engaging with critical studies of theoretical and philosophical perspectives on education and learning. The group's ongoing studies include:

  1. critical inquiries regarding norms, knowledge, aesthetics and ethics
  2. theories of democracy, citizenship and cosmopolitan education, including social justice, power, migration and human rights
  3. educational science and methodological issues ranging from analytical philosophy to feminist perspectives



Klas Roth, Professor, Scientific leader (contact person))
Niclas Rönnström, Associate Professor
Elias Schwieler, Associate Professor
Rebecca Adami, Associate Professor (contact person)
Anki Bengtsson, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Karin Gunnarsson, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Viktor Johansson, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Corrado Matta, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Robert Thorp, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Ruhi Tyson, Senior Lecturer, PhD

Phd Students

Ingrid Andersson 
Elena Dingu-Kyrklund 
Megha Khattar 
Verena Meister 
Tyra Nilsson