The group study descriptions of direct or indirect interaction between participants where learning occurs. We analyze actions, objects and structures that can be seen as expressions of, or resources for, meaning making and learning. The research team study questions arising at the intersection where specific areas of knowledge meet learning in defined contexts, concerning the design of learning processes and teaching: what is put into focus and why a particular content is recognized; how learning is organized; how content is delimited, represented and made meaningful; when and why learning takes place; together with who one learns something; and in what ways learning and knowledge are assessed.

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Tore West, Professor
Eva Insulander, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
Anna-Lena Kempe, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
Gustav Lymer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
​Ulrika Bennerstedt, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Ali Reza Majlesi, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Matilda Wiklund, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Eva Svärdemo Åberg, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Anthemis Raptopoulou, PhD-student
Ali Mohamed, PhD-student
Tanya O'Reilly, PhD-student
Petra Petersen, PhD-student
Patric Sahlén, PhD-student
Henrika Florén, Master Student
Magnus Larsson, Master Student
Robin Lindblom, Master Student
Mattias Stjernqvist, Master Student
Olga Viberg, bitr. Senior Lecturer at Royal School of Technology, Stockholm, PhD
Åke Grönlund, Professor at Örebro University