The research group has an interest in the meaning and evolution of educational systems. The changing conditions of education are highlighted both historically and in present-day terms, on a conceptual and policy level. Among the research themes that are dealt with in ongoing are research projects are issues of internationalization, social hierarchies and knowledge.


Joakim Landahl, Professor (contact person)
Annika Ullman, Professor
Ida Al Fakir, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Åsa Broberg, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Erik Cardelus, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Carina Carlhed, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
Tobias Dahlkvist, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
Jonas Gustafsson, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Elisabeth Hultqvist, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
Eva Insulander, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
Shamal Kaveh, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Daniel Lövheim, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
Larissa Mickwitz, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Johanna Ringarp, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
Petter Sandgren, Senior Lecturer, PhD
David Thorsén, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Matilda Wiklund, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
Rebecca Ye, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Anna Ahlgren, PhD-student
Ebba Christina Blåvarg, PhD-student
Niklas Hill, PhD-student
Victor Johansson, PhD-student
Eric Larsson, PhD-student
Timmy Larsson, PhD-student

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