The research group of Education Research in Citizenship Competences (ERiCC) defines competence as acquisition and mobilization of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values through a process of reflection, anticipation and action to meet complex demands in order to develop the interrelated competences to broaden, deepen and develop pluralistic democracy. The research focus of the ERiCC research group includes the aspects of teaching and learning, learning environments and various educational policy documents. Our research embraces a range of theoretical frameworks, design-based research and mixed methods approaches together with stakeholders involved in various educational levels in formal and informal learning settings.

In order to enhance learners’ citizenship competences and the related teaching practices, to date, our research topics include:

  • controversial issues and argumentation
  • critical and creative thinking
  • culture and aesthetics
  • montessori education
  • social, ecological and economical sustainable development
  • teacher professionalization


Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren, Professor
Ulf Fredriksson, Associate Professor
Susanne Kreitz-Sandberg, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
Christine Bendixen, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Maria Calissendorff, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Per Gynther, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Frans Hagerman, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Michael Håkansson, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Caroline Ignell, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Eva-Maria Tebano Ahlquist, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Eva Edman Stålbrandt, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Jonas Von Reybekiel Trostek​, Senior Lecturer, PhD