The research group of competences for modern citizenship (CMC) defines competence as individuals who have knowledge, skill and attitude, and can further ‘reflect and act’ in various situations. The research focus of the CMC research group includes the aspects of teaching practices (teachers' competences on developing students' CMC and the related teaching and assessment methods) and learning environments (students' CMC development through different teaching design, assessment strategies and formal/informal/non-formal learning contexts). To date, the CMC research areas in the group include:

  • Critical thinking: teaching and learning about socioscientific issues (ex. climate change and vaccination issues) and argumentation skills
  • Critical scientific media literacy: how science related information in mass media could be used in teaching and learning contexts in order to promote individuals’ critical scientific media literacy
  • Competence on living safely and healthily: problematizing the lack of knowledge, attitude or skills in presuming safe and healthy life
  • Digital competence: how digital resources could be used in enhancing teaching and learning in formal and informal settings.

CMC is seen as the educational outcomes of our research and the journey can involve multiresources of theoretical ideas (including both social and cognitive perspectives), design-based research and mixed methods approaches together with stakeholders from multi-disciplinary subject areas at all school levels in formal and informal learning settings as well as the public.


Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren, Professor
Ulf Fredriksson, Associate Professor
Susanne Kreitz-Sandberg, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
Maria Calissendorff, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Per Gynther, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Michael Håkansson, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Caroline Ignell, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Eva-Maria Tebano Ahlquist, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Eva Edman Stålbrandt, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Jonas Von Reybekiel Trostek​, Senior Lecturer, PhD
Anastasia-Thomai Raptopoulou, PhD-student
Ebba Christina Blåvarg, PhD-student
Reed Curtis, PhD-student
Dagmar Hedman, PhD-student
Fika K. Mwakabungu, PhD-student
Helena Reierstam, PhD-student

Master students

Yuling Sun
Marthese Spiteri

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