Stockholm is an expensive city to live in and you should budget for approximately SEK 8,000 – 9,000 per month for the duration of your studies.
A typical student budget for one month in Stockholm could be (all costs in SEK):
• Accommodation: 3,500.
• Food: 2,000.
• Local travel: 560.
• Other (course literature, phone, insurance, hygiene, etc.): 1,700.
• Clothing, hobby/leisure: 750.
• Total approx. 8,510.
Lunch at a bar or self-service restaurant costs approximately SEK 60-90. The student restaurants at Stockholm University offer meals at reasonable prices, approximately SEK 60. Many students bring their own food which can be heated in microwave ovens provided by the Student Union. Though Stockholm is an expensive city to live in there are ways to make your money go further. For more information about student discounts please see

Stockholm University Student Union SUS.