PhD Programme in Education

Research Plan Requirements

  • Your research plan should state the research question you will examine/investigate and which theoretical perspectives and scientific method/s will be used.
  • The research plan should also include a brief research summary.
  • The research plan should clearly align to one or more of the departmental research groups so that the doctoral student will have a supervisor within the area of expertise of the dissertation. For more information on the research groups, click here
  • When we receive an application, we evaluate if the research plan can be completed within the 4 year PhD period (or 2 years for a licentiate degree), which is the maximum time allowed.  In addition, we evaluate if the department has faculty who are qualified to supervise the research plan. This is done through seeing how well the research plan matches with the expertise of our research groups.

The research plans are made anonymous before they are evaluated and faculty members who could be biased in their evaluations (for example, were the applicant’s former supervisor) are excluded from evaluating those applications.

Therefore, it is not possible for applicants to contact a faculty member about their application.

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Matilda Wiklund
Director of Research Studies
Tel: +46 8 120 762 33

Erika Södersten
Tel: +46 8 16 36 50

Emma West
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