PhD Programme in Education

PhD Programme Overview

In Sweden, applicants apply competitively for paid positions as PhD students. The PhD students receive a salary for a maximum of 48 months/8 semesters/4 years (the average salary is 25,000 SEK per month). Salaries are set according to the Stockholm University salary scale for PhD students.

The PhD programme consists of 240 Swedish higher education credits. The course work amounts to a third of the programme - 90 course credits – of which 52.5 credits consists of required courses and 37.5 are elective course credits. PhD students are expected to complete the required courses during the first two years of the programme. Their education, including course work and actual research, is conducted during weekdays and is mainly done on campus.

Our doctoral students have three supervisors cooperating and providing different skills in an effort to support the PhD student to become a proficient researcher in Education. A PhD student is expected to work independently to a high extent and receives supervision about 1-2 times per month.

Together with their supervisors, PhD students can choose elective courses in relation to their specific area of research. Students may choose elective courses among the courses offered by our department or by other departments/universities in both Sweden and abroad.

A PhD student is expected to engage in the research seminars at the department and cooperate with peers in creating a rich social environment with interesting and challenging discussions.

During the programme, PhD students are expected to present their research at, at least one international conference.

Please note that doctoral studies are only offered on campus. It is not possible to enrol through distance learning. Doctoral students are expected to actively participate in the departmental research environment through regularly participating in seminars.


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Matilda Wiklund
Director of Research Studies
Tel: +46 8 120 762 33

Erika Södersten
Tel: +46 8 16 36 50

Emma West
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