Head of Department
Carina Carlhed Ydhag
Phone: 08-16 30 87
E-mail: carina.carlhed@edu.su.se

Assistant Head of Department
Helena Rehn
Phone: 08-120 765 42
E-mail: helena.rehn@edu.su.se

Administrative Manager 
Jenni Vuorenmaa
Phone: 08-16 37 64
E-mail: jenni.vuorenmaa@edu.su.se

Deputy Administrative Manager
Camilla Eldeby
Phone: 08-120 763 85
E-mail: camilla.eldeby@edu.su.se


Director of Studies

Bachelor's Level Single Courses and Master's Level Single Courses in Education, Bachelor of Arts in Study and Career Guidance
Anneli Öljarstrand
Phone: 08-120 762 60 
E-mail: anneli.oljarstrand@edu.su.se

Bachelor's Level Single Courses and Master's Level Single Courses in Didactics, Courses in the Teacher Education Programme, Vocational Teacher Education Programme and National School Leadership Training Programme 
Jonas von Reybekiel Trostek
Phone: 08-16 15 73
E-mail: jonas.trostek@edu.su.se

David Thorsén
Phone: 08-120 763 73
E-mail: david.thorsen@edu.su.se

PhD Programme
Matilda Wiklund
Phone: 08-120 762 33
E-mail: matilda.wiklund@edu.su.se

Administrative Director of Studies
Maria Apelgren
Phone: 08-16 31 39
E-mail: maria.apelgren@edu.su.se

Administrative Director of Studies
Erik Dahl
Phone: 08-1207 6355 
E-mail: erik.dahl@edu.su.se


Programme co-ordinators

Bachelor’s Programme in Education and Public Health Sciences
Petra Roll Bennet
Phone: 08-16 22 21
E-mail: petra@edu.su.se

Bachelor's and Master's Programme in Personnel, Work and Organization
Ulrika Bennerstedt
Phone: 08-16 44 55
E-mail: ulrika.bennerstedt@edu.su.se

Master's Programme in Education with International and Comparative specialisation
Ulf Fredriksson 
Phone: 08-1207 6402
E-mail: ulf.fredriksson@edu.su.se

Master's Programme in Education
Eva Svärdemo-Åberg
Phone: 08-1207 6242
E-mail: eva.svardemo-aberg@edu.su.se

National School Leadership Training Programme
Pia Skott
Phone: 08-16 20 63
E-mail: pia.skott@edu.su.se

Bachelor of Arts in Study and Career Guidance
Åsa Sundelin
Phone: 08-1207 6399
E-mail: åsa.sundelin@edu.su.se

Vocational Teacher Education Programme
Eva Eliasson
Phone: 08-1207 6516
E-mail: eva.eliasson@edu.su.se