Noam RInger, Stockholm university
Noam Ringer,
Stockholm university

Title of thesis

Patterns of coping: How children with ADHD and their parents perceive and cope with the disorder.


Åsa Audulv, Associate professor at Department of Nursing, Umeå University.

Examining Committee Members

Lena Almqvist, Senior Lecturer, School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, Division of Psychology, Mälardalen University.
Claes Nilholm, Professor, Department of Education, Uppsala University.
Camilla Thunborg, Professor, Department of Education, Stockholm University. 
Deputy committee member: Lise Pettersson Roll, Professor, Department of Special Education, Stockholm University.

Supervisor and Chair of the defence 

Max Scheja, Professor, Department of Education, Stockholm University.

Assistant Supervisors

Anders Gustavsson, Professor Emeritus, Department of Education, Stockholm University.
Jenny Wilder, Associate Professor, Department of Special Education, Stockholm University.

Thesis description

The thesis is about examining children's and parents experiences of and ways of dealing with the diagnosis of ADHD in everyday life. Methodologically, the thesis is mainly based on qualitative research interviews with both children and parents that can create a basis for increasing understanding of the role the diagnosis ADHD can play for children and parents ability to learn to successfully handle both opportunities and challenges that it means living with ADHD.
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