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Thinking about a Master's in International and Comparative Education?

Hi! My name is Kyoko and I am from Japan. I studied the Master's Programme International and Comparative Education at Stockholm University. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have and I'll do my best to answer.

Francois Dubet

Lecture with François Dubet: Decline of institution and or/ Neoliberalism

Welcome to a lecture with the French sociologist François Dubet, Thursday 18th October, 1-3 PM, Room 2403. Dubet is one of the leading contemporary sociologists in France and has many publications in the field. His lecture departs from his work Le déclin de l’institution (Seuil 2002), in which he analyses the development of school and its’ importance in the late modernity.

Professor Ewald Kiel

Half-Day Symposium: International and Comparative Education Research

Join the International and Comparative Education Research Group (ICER) seminar on November 5th from 13.00-19.00 in Lilla Hörsalen at the Museum of Natural History.

This half-day seminar focuses on interdisciplinary comparative topics ranging from transnational to global dimensions of educational development, planning, reform, delivery and assessment across the educational spectrum from early childhood to higher education.

Registrations open until October 29 (click HERE to fill in your details)

For catering purposes, registrations are binding. The event is free of charge.

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Elise Lammers Global Swede award 2018

Global Swede Award to excellent student Elise Lammers

This year’s Global Swede is awarded to excellent master’s student in International and Comparative Education at Stockholm University, Elise Lammers, who was among the 20 students from 17 countries to received the prestigious award at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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