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Institute of International Education

Welcome to the Institute of International Education (IIE)

The Institute of International Education (IIE) is one of the very few institutes in the Nordic countries specializing in International and Comparative Education. IIE was founded by the late Professor Torsten Husén in 1971 as an answer to the increasing demand for a more international outlook and a comparative approach in educational research. After more than forty years in this field, IIE is now well recognized for its contribution to research and training. Its landmarks are:

  • the establishment of the first IEA Secretariat in the early 1970s serving as predecessors of such international and comparative educational research initiatives as current TIMSS and PISA;
  • the establishment, development and preparation of the first International Encyclopedia of Education; and
  • the Observatory of the Malmö Longitudinal Study including data banks.

Since 2006 IIE has been a part of the Department of Education. 

IIE is an "international" institute, in the true meaning of the word. It has successfully created a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary research and teaching environment which attracts a number of visiting scholars and lecturers as well as students from many parts of the world. At advanced level we offer several courses, a Master´s degree programme and a PhD programme. Moreover, IIE is active in several international networks consisting of renowned researchers and practitioners in the field of education.

/Professor Vinayagum Chinapah

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